Friday, May 8, 2009

Today I saw...

Jed Ceasar at Suzanne Vielmetter
Sam Durant at Blum & Poe
Kim McCarty at Lightbox
(Stopped in to say hello to Drew and Flora and Justin at the Mandrake and then saw... )
Manfred Pernice at Regen Projects
Alexis Smith at Margo Leavin
Hanne Darboven, Evan Holloway, Jason Meadows, and Matteo Tanatt at Marc Foxx
Chris Finley (and a wonderful Bill Jensen) at ACME


PW said...

I saw you at an opening about 1000 years ago.
I saw Steven Soderbergh driving a cherry VW Beetle on Los Feliz - he looked like he was late for something - which made the sighting even cooler, some how.
I saw myself on the bathroom mirror this morning and wrote "lookin' good, Jesus" in the fog.
It's Springtime and people just pop up like daisies!

denada said...

WOW! That is a day worth documenting.